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How it's working? With FastInsta you can...

Automatically follow accounts associated with your passion/industry.

Automatically, after a few days, stop following accounts of people who did not start to follow your account too.

Automatically comment on other users' photos.

Automatically give "like" to posts from people you follow and from selected tags.

Filter which accounts to follow, like and comment, by (for example) gender or number of photos.

Create a "white list" to choose which accounts will be protected (The application won't unfollow them).

Create a "blacklist" that will block accounts associated with words you have quoted.

Work on multiple accounts at once by creating Chrome user accounts.

What are the effects?

What do our users think about us?


Thanks to this tool, within a short time from setting up an account on Instagram, I managed to create a community of several thousands of readers who are actually interested in the topic of healthy lifestyle and nutrition. Not only they are visiting my profile and commenting on my posts, but they also buy my book, which I advertise on Instagram. The number of followers is still growing, and I have the motivation to continue my work.

We want to reach out to as much motivated people as possible. With FastInsta we had nearly 1500 followers in two weeks, and now we have nearly 15,000. This number is still growing, and we can inspire them to change their lifes.