Become an inspiration to the others, create new social trends, gain popularity and start earning on what you love through Instagram. Well, unless you just want to have fun and reach the widest possible audience - we will help you too!


What can you do with FastInsta?

You will get real followers without time commitment

Automatic follow/unfollow which will allow you to choose a specific target group

You will increase your chances of selling products or services

Why is it worth using the Fastinsta application?

You probably found out that nice pictures and good descriptions are often not enough to win new followers. Have you found out about it?

Do you think that getting followers on Instagram is difficult? The solution to this problem is relatively simple. Just start showing yourself as often as possible (and by no means it is about posting photos with yourself).

Have you noticed that when you comment, like or follow others, you get more followers? What if the application simulated your activities for most of the day? How many people would visit your profile?

You probably wonder: is the application safe? Yes, we tested a lot of settings and created safe settings. By using them, you will not be able to block your Instagram account. You are detected as if you personally used the account yourself. In addition, we do not collect any account passwords. All application data stays on your computer.

You are one step ahead of acquiring an average of 3000 new followers a month. The application will also save your time on automatic actions in order to show yourself to as many people as possible.

What features does the FastInsta have?

Automatically follow accounts of people associated with your passion or industry based on hashtags, locations, profiles

Automatically unfollow accounts of people who did not return a favor by clicking "follow" on your account

Automatically comment posts from the templates generated by you

Automatically give "like" to posts from selected tags

Filter which accounts to follow, e.g. taking into account the gender or number of posts

Create a "white list", thanks to which you will choose accounts that will be protected (so, for example, the app will not give them "unfollow")

You can run the application on multiple accounts

It gives you full guarantee that you will get real followers who will like and comment your posts

Filtering based on the biography language

Native proxy server support for using multiple accounts

Delete comments based on usernames and keywords

Download publicly available email addresses and phone numbers from Instagrama (available soon)

What are the effects?

What do our users think about us?

Thanks to this tool, within a short time from setting up an account on Instagram, I managed to create a community of several thousands of readers who are actually interested in the topic of healthy lifestyle and nutrition. Not only they are visiting my profile and commenting on my posts, but they also buy my book, which I advertise on Instagram. The number of followers is still growing, and I have the motivation to continue my work.

Magda Mazurek

We want to reach out to as much motivated people as possible. With FastInsta we had nearly 1500 followers in two weeks, and now we have nearly 15,000. This number is still growing, and we can inspire them to change their lifes.

Change Your Mind Polska

Try it for free!

If you are not sure if this application will help you, go to the Download tab and test it free for 3 days. No contracts.

After 3 days you will be informed about the end of the license. If you do not want to extend the license, all you need to do is delete the application.


So how will it be? Do you want to join people who achieve results on Instagram?

Do you want to gain followers, customers, fame and start earning Instagram from the very first day of using the application?

Application functions:

- auto follow
- auto unfollow
- auto comments
- auto like
- and much more

From $5.99/4.99€ per month