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First of all, we want to ensure the security of your account. Hence, all application restrictions and recommended SAFE SETTINGS . However, we only provide a tool and it depends on you how safe it will be.

Error logs mean that your account activity is too big, in which case FastInsta blocks further activities temporarily (depending on the settings, 30 minutes by default) to ensure the security of your account. For details, please check the HOW TO USE tab (#4 - Main Window).

On the BUY/CHECK ACCOUNT tab, after you type your Instagram account name, you can check the status of the license.

Please write to us using the form provided next. We will try to help you as soon as possible and compensate for the time in which the application did not work properly. Try to describe:

  • What is not working?
  • When did an error occur?
  • What did you do when the error occurred?
  • {#
  • Include screenshots with the application malfunction. This will make it easier for us to detect and correct the error.
  • #}

Unfortunately, it is not possible to operate our application in any way other than with the browser and Instagram enabled for a very simple reason - to ensure the security of your account. Our application is best able to simulate "normal" user actions, hence the technological limitations and recommended SAFE SETTINGS.

To use FastInsta on several user accounts, you must have several Chrome user accounts, one for each Instagram account. Creating additional accounts is free, quick and very simple. Just follow the instructions available on Google Chrome Help. Then, download FastInsta separately for every Chrome user account.



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